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Omgi wants to create holiday homes that are not only placed in nature, but that become part of it. Our vision is for our homes to be like a natural extension of the surrounding landscape, an invitation to be at one with nature without letting go of comfort and style.

Square huts stacked on top of each other, overlooking the forest and the sunset.

The background of Omgi

Omgi is the result of a journey driven by passion and expertise, started by Ole Henrik Eftedahl in 2018. With a solid background in real estate, plumbing, and finance, Ole Henrik began shaping the vision of providing holiday homes that are not only part of nature, but also embrace comfort and quality.

This vision has been carried over to our homes today. From the first concepts and prototypes to today's results, we have always had one goal: to create homes that provide a unique living experience with minimal intervention in nature.

We have focused on simplicity, portability and location efficiency, enabling our devices to be placed virtually anywhere with minimal groundwork. Today, Omgi stands as a dedicated and professional team, with a greater perspective. We focus on the B2B and Hospitality sector with a global outlook, where we not only serve customers, but also nature is part of the perspective.

We believe that our sustainable, modern homes can help shape a better way to experience nature, while respecting and protecting it.

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Surround team smiling in front of one of their sustainable mobile cabins
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Surround team smiles sustainable mobile cabins
Christoffer Melleby
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