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Are you a landowner looking to develop your own rental project? Or would you like to get an Omgi for your own use? Here you can read about different options on how to transform your vision into reality.

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Omgi is designed for those who want to develop and professionalize a rental business Calculate your costs and income with our

If you choose add-ons such as a digital key system and booking system, you will surround speakers and provide training in this included in the price. Read more here

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Get in touch so we can evaluate your business concept against any lenders, and give you insight into how similar OMGI projects have achieved funding in the past.

Bank-financed purchases

We have the opportunity to help you structure a business case that you can present to your bank.


  • Need for less equity
  • Access to advice through your own bank
  • Predictable repayment schedule
Cash purchases

If you have equity, you have great flexibility to be able to realize the project. We can point to good reference cases and assist with networking.


  • Great autonomy
  • Fast Startup

Access venture capital that provides higher borrowing than banks through facilitators, such as Funding Partner. We have the opportunity to be an advisory party to such a process.


  • Higher risk appetite than traditional banks
  • Higher total funding
  • Good exposure of concept and idea
  • Can be combined with bank-financed loans
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