Omgi 1

Hotel room in the middle of nature
From 900 000 nok excl. VAT
From 1 125 000 nok incl. VAT
18 kvm
production time
8-12 weeks
Hotel room in the middle of nature

Omgi 1 — Hotel room in the middle of nature

Hotel room in the middle of nature

Omgi 1 — Hotel room in the middle of nature

Hotel room in the middle of nature

Omgi 1 — Hotel room in the middle of nature

Hotel room in the middle of nature

Omgi 1 — Hotel room in the middle of nature

Surround 1 - Hotel room in nature

Surround 1 is like having a hotel room in the middle of nature. Although it is our smallest device, it does not lack comfort and style.

If you already have a dining area, or a shared kitchen, Omgi 1 will be a very good accommodation offer for those who want to experience a wonderful proximity to nature.

Optimal space utilization nature

It contains a combined sleeping and living area, designed for optimal space utilization and good atmosphere. The bathroom in Omgi 1 is modern and functional, with all the necessary amenities to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

With the large glass surfaces in front, nature comes right in to you. Luxury and functionality meet and provide a unique accommodation with minimal environmental footprint.

Floor plan
hotel room in nature of 18 sq.m.
Why surround?

We have worked on experiences inside and outside Omgi

Facilitated for rental

Our units show a high willingness to pay in the rental market. All of our devices come with a booking system that is integrated with, Airbnb and 200 other channels.

App-free locking system

All our devices can be supplied with a locking system that is integrated with the booking. This makes it significantly easier to run a rental business.

Norwegian production

Our units are manufactured in Norway, together with Norwegian partners such as Rambøll and Snøhetta. We manufacture for Nordic conditions and in accordance with Norwegian requirements and technical regulations.

Minimal nature intervention

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the natural environment by integrating our OMGI devices seamlessly into nature, preserving the beauty of landscapes and respecting local ecosystems.

Try it

Try an overnight stay in an Omgi

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in an Omgi? With Omgi 4 at Blefjell you get the chance to experiment and test how Omgi works in practice
Guests enjoy their stay in an Omgi mobile holiday home with panoramic views

Questions and answers

Who is Omgi 1 suitable for?

Omgi 1 is suitable for leisure rentals for those who already offer food service, or a common area for cooking.

What amenities will you find in Omgi 1?

Surround 1 has a combined living area and bedroom with space for bed and seating. There is also a full-fledged modern bathroom.

Where to place Omgi 1?

One can place Omgi 1 anywhere in nature. It is very space-efficient and it is designed to be placed almost directly on the ground or pillars. No large foundation or cast concrete pillars are needed here. All that is needed is either some stones or pillars the accommodation can stand on.

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