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Modern cottage with a patio that has a fireplace and two chairs. View of a valley.
Modern Surround holiday home designed by Snøhetta in scenic environment
Modern Surround holiday home designed by Snøhetta in scenic environment
Modern Surround holiday home designed by Snøhetta in scenic environment


means surround in Norwegian

in timeless spaces

Without footprint


Holiday homes and microhouses designed by Snøhetta

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About the Omgi Series

All our devices make a minimal footprint in nature and require very little infrastructure. They are designed by Snøhetta and are produced according to strict requirements and guidelines in Norway. They are virtually maintenance-free and are designed for Nordic conditions.

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Design by Snøhetta

“All the things we care about in general are embodied in this project and it is very inspiring for us at Snøhetta to work on”.

- Rune Veslegard, architect
Read more about our collaboration with Snøhetta
Modern Surround holiday home designed by Snøhetta in scenic environment
Why Omgi?

Specialized for Nordic conditions and easy rental

Arranged for rental

Our units show a high willingness to pay in the rental market. All our units can be supplied with a booking system that is integrated with, Airbnb and 200 other channels.

App-free locking system

All our units can be delivered with a locking system that is integrated with the booking. This makes it significantly easier to run a rental business.

Norwegian production

Our units are manufactured in Norway, together with Norwegian partners such as Ramboll and Snøhetta. We manufacture for Nordic conditions and in accordance with Norwegian requirements and technical regulations.

Minimal nature intervention

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the natural environment by integrating our OMGI devices seamlessly into nature, preserving the beauty of landscapes and respecting local ecosystems.

Our production

Experience Norwegian quality craftsmanship with international architecture.

Read more about the process from order to delivery.

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Benefits and Responses

How much does a device cost?

Our units cost from NOK 799 000, - excluding VAT. They are delivered turnkey with everything included.

How to finance purchases

A OMGI project can be financed using both self-financing and bank loans. We can advise you on how to finance your project.

Can you see the holiday homes?

Yes, test an Omgi by click here

Can they be used as microhouses?

Yep. Omgi 1, 2 and 3 are all approved as microhouses.

What is needed for infrastructure?

One can like Omgi anywhere in nature. It is space-efficient and it is designed to be placed almost directly on the ground or pillars. There is no need for a large foundation or cast concrete pillars. Tutti necessari sono più stoni o pillori per l'accomodazione può essere.

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