OMGI Process
from A to Z

Part of a cabin hanging in the air via a hoist crane
Build Your Surge
On you choose which model best suits your need. In the next round, we go in and tailor your Omgi in terms of colors and workmanship.
Landscape with white and blue sky with green plain and some trees

Build your Surgi here. Through simple steps you can customize the models with exterior, interior, decor and options on our front page

We tailor your Omgi and send you a final quote
Vi skreddersyr din mgi og sender deg et endelig tilbud: Vi tar fortløpende kontakt med deg og sammen jobber vi med å finjustere rommene, tilvalgene og andre detaljer.

Vi samarbeider tett med deg for å sikre at alt er nøyaktig slik du ønsker det. Du mottar også et endelig tilbud. Ved aksept av tilbudet går vi videre til neste fase.

Kr 5 000,- i reservasjonsbeløp*
*Ikke refunderbart

Surround the team smiling in a showroom
Application and Management Package
Sammen med våre samarbeidspartnere i blant andre Rambøll og Snøhetta tar vi oss av søknadsprosessen i din kommune.

You also get a visualization of how Omgi looks on your plot. With this package you can sit back and look forward to the continuation while we do the work for you.

Surround the team smiling in a showroom

Interview with CK Nord . CEO, Leif Erlend Hjelmen of CK Nor Bygg talks about the application process with Omgi

Contract Signing
As soon as the construction application is submitted, the agreement is also signed and we prepare the production on your Omgi unit (s).

Depositum: 10% av totalsum innbetales.*
​* Refunderes dersom ikke byggesøknad godkjennes, men refunderes ikke dersom kjøper velger å gå fra avtalen

* Deposit: 10% of the total amount is paid.
* Refundable if construction application is not approved.

View out of surround holiday home out against green trees and blue sky
As soon as the construction application is approved, production begins. Estimated production time is from 8 weeks.

40% of the total amount is paid.

Provide proof of financing or bank guarantee for the remaining amount.
Surround cabins being transported by trailer on a country road
Groundwork and infrastructure
While the production of Omgi is ongoing, the groundwork needs to be prepared. It usually involves: foundation, drains, electricity and water.

Ved valg av ledelsespakke, tar vi oss av hele denne prosessen for deg.
Modern Surround holiday home designed by Snøhetta in scenic environment
Once the Omgi has finished production and the ground works are ready, Omgi will be driven directly from our production in Tønsberg to your plot.

Here, a crane should lift the finished units into place and then connect to water, plumbing and electricity.

The remaining 50% of the total amount is paid.
App for digital locks you can use on surround cabins
We provide you with training on all the technology and tips on how to advertise your location.

We are your partner throughout the process and follow you up to make sure everything has been delivered according to your expectations.

We also carry out a one-year inspection for further quality assurance.
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