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Modern systems adapted for hire

Are you interested in experiencing the technology in practice? Then you are welcome to test an overnight stay at Omgi Blefjell where the technology has been set up.

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Property management system
Mews booking system

Omgi is proud to be a Mews partner and offers the booking system pre-installed along with all OMGI devices.

The system is fully integrated with all the world's booking channels, allowing you to advertise your place on platforms such as, Airbnb, Expedia, and more, without having to handle your bookings manually. All reservations are entered in a single calendar, and you can easily differentiate the price of the unit you rent on each channel.

It all starts with an efficient booking system, and Mews is the preferred choice for many, including Strawberry.

This intuitive, seamless system is easy to deploy and it is equally suitable for individuals looking to release their holiday home when it is not in use, as it is for rental companies operating daily rentals.

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Access system
4 Suites

Seamlessly integrates the access system with the booking system of the 4 Suites OMGI unit

With the innovative access system 4 Suites and our exclusive agreement with the Dutch company, all OMGI customers have access to a digital access system that does not require the download of an app for guests and works optimally in all Nordic conditions.

This system is fully integrated with Mews, which means you can handle your bookings in an easy way. In fact, you don't have to worry about the practical aspects of a booking.

Guests can access the door from the moment they are checked in until they are automatically checked out. There is no need to download an app as the key is available on your mobile throughout your stay.

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Enrgy management
Automated energy management

Save money with automated energy management. In collaboration with Bravida, the OMGI units have automated energy management system associated with the bookings in the Mews

This means that the heat in the OMGI unit is adjusted up just before guests check in, and then regulates itself back down when the guest checks out. Everything is set up automatically and delivered pre-installed if desired.

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Admin app for cleaning

For those who run larger rental businesses with multiple OMGI units, the cleaning app will be an invaluable resource. Here you have an overview of which OMGI devices have been cleaned and which ones need cleaning at all times.

Cleaners can update the status in a dedicated app integrated with the booking system. For example, if the guest were to cause damage in the OMGI device, the cleaner can easily record this in the app. The information becomes visible in your system, so you can deal with it further with the guest.

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